Key Features

Unique Technology


Unmatched Scalability

Aggregate 1.5 million messages/day on full-range.



Unmatched interference immunity in a crowded spectrum, deep indoor penetration, and multi-layer security.


High Range

15 km in flat terrain and 5 km in urban centers.


Ultra-low Power Consumption

Afford up to 20-year battery lifetime.


Exceptional Mobile Communication

Nodes operate at up to 80 km/h velocity.

Unique Business Benefits


Industry Standard

Operate on broad range of commercially available hardware (transceiver and gateway).


Data Ownership

Keep the data in your private network and create new business models.



Low device and infrastructure costs. No carrier fees.


Worldwide Operation

Global license-free sub-GHz band (915 MHz – North America, 868 MHz – Europe).


Flexible Platform Interface

Seamless integration with third-party cloud infrastructure for end-to-end IoT solutions.


Fueling IIoT with Boundless Sensor Data Aggregation

When installing an IIoT network, two parallel groups of concerns arise. From a technical perspective the network has to live up to specific IIoT demands in terms of scaling, data quality, extensive reach, power efficiency and integration into existing systems. From a business perspective, it needs to deliver on up-front cost-effectiveness and ongoing and enduring ROI.

While conventional approaches always come with different trade-offs between these requirements, MIOTY™ from BTI offers enterprises a win-win solution – a massive IIoT dedicated network providing disruptive hi-tech features, and at the same time securing commercial benefits with connectivity of up to hundreds of thousands MIOTY™-enabled sensors.

System Architecture & Software Approach

MIOTY™ system architecture is a star network consisting of at least one gateway aggregating massive numbers of messages from remote transmitters. One single MIOTY™ base station/gateway can handle more than 1.5 million messages/day using only 200 KHz bandwidth in the license free sub-GHz spectrum.

Industry standard IIoT gateways (e.g. x86, Intel) in combination with off-the-shelf Software Defined Radios (SDR) provide for an extremely cost-effective MIOTY™ IIoT network gateway solution.

On the sensor/node side, MIOTY™ is an extremely cost-effective software solution. MIOTY™ supports inexpensive off-the-shelf, sub-GHz transceiver chipsets from the world’s leading chipset manufacturers like Silicon Labs.

Telegram Splitting

MIOTY™ from BTI uses the Fraunhofer Patented Telegram Splitting Technology to provide unrivalled robustness against interferences and to maximize overall system capacity through extremely short “on air” times. Telegram Splitting is at the core of the technology and enables multiple performance benefits like highest system scalability through frequency and time multiplexed telegrams, high interference robustness, and deep-building penetration through very short subpackets and superior channel coding. MIOTY™ provides the lowest power consumption through short on-air times and dramatically reduces requirements for power resulting in far superior battery-life in the field.

MIOTY™ Telegram Splitting Enables...


MIOTY™ Architecture

Configured from day one to be part of an integrated offering, MIOTY™ from BTI includes flexible interface with third-party cloud platform, realizing an ecosystem for end-to-end IoT solutions. This ecosystem enables you to not only “listen” to your “things” on a massive scale but also interpret their messages and exert responsive actions.


MIOTY™ IoT nodes

Sense & transmit data



Receives data



Analyze data


End User interface

Visualize data