Reliable, secure & scalable LPWAN solutions for smart meters


Expensive, inadequate and inefficient wireless  technologies  

While effective connectivity is a vital building block for smart meters and Advanced Metering Infrastructure, traditional technologies fall short. 

Wired solutions are out of the question, cellular connectivity is expensive and requires high power consumption and multi-hopping mesh topology employed by short-range wireless technologies can inflate infrastructure costs and reduce battery efficiency.

Improve Efficiency, Enhance Security & Reduce Costs with MIOTY™

As a low power, wide area network (LPWAN) solution with enhanced robustness and system capacity, MIOTY™ is the new backbone for advanced smart meter infrastructure.

Reduce operating costs with automated meter readings

Balance electric loads & better manage demand fluctuations 

Quickly identify leaks to improve water efficiency and conservation

Enable time-of-use dynamic pricing & demand shifting to control peak loads

Remotely detect outages, meter tampering & energy thefts

Increase use of microgeneration to curb carbon emissions

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Improve Smart Meter Connectivity with MIOTY™