The most reliable, scalable & cost effective LPWAN solution for Industrial IoT  

The Challenge

In the license-free spectrum, limited frequency resources and increasing traffic magnify inter- and intra-system interference challenges. Existing LPWA technologies have major limitations such as signal loss causing impaired network quality and large channel occupation resulting in limited spectral efficiency.

Sound familiar?

The Power of Telegram Splitting

Fraunhofer’s patented Telegram Splitting – the core of MIOTY™, was purpose built to conquer these challenges. This new communication approach divides a message into multiple subpackets and transmits them at different times and frequency patterns. Dramatically reduced on-air time combined with pseudo-randomness and superior channel coding provide unrivalled robustness against external interference while maximizing overall system capacity.

LPWAN solution for Industrial IoT - MIOTY Telegram Splitting

State-of-the-Art System Design

LPWAN Solution for Industrial IoT


MIOTY telegrams can travel up to 15km. Only a few gateways are needed for full coverage in vast areas like industrial complexes, campuses or oilfields. With flexible gateway deployment, you'll also get coverage in previously unfeasible, hard-to-reach locations and cellular “blind spots.”

BTI - Wireless Connectivity for Industrial IoT


Optimized for power efficiency, the MIOTY protocol can support up to a 20-year battery life on the sensor side. Avoid the hassle of battery replacement and recharging on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis.  

What Makes MIOTY™ Different?

BTI - Wireless Connectivity for Industrial IoT


MIOTY™ is designed from day one to withstand heavy co-channel interference in the congested license-free spectrum, offering unmatched robustness. Geared for demanding industrial applications, the system delivers carrier-grade reliability over challenging topology and through metal, rebar obstructions. Deep indoor and underground penetration further secures consistent connectivity in the most hostile surroundings.


Maximum spectral efficiency enabled by Telegram Splitting contributes to MIOTY™'s huge system capacity. Aggregating up to 1.5 million daily messages using only a single gateway, MIOTY™ networks scale with proliferating IoT devices and use cases while requiring the least infrastructure to be deployed.

BTI - Wireless Connectivity for Industrial IoT


Unlike traditional LPWAN technologies, which are intended for stationary use only, MIOTY™ allows you to collect data from mobile, high-speed devices at up to 120 km/h velocity, unlocking a wide array of connected worker and fleet management applications.

LPWAN Solution for Industrial IoT


Employing a vendor-neutral software approach, today MIOTY™ protocol supports a broad range of commercial, off-the-shelf chipsets and gateways, granting the most flexibility in designing your own IoT architecture.

The New Commercial Standard in Wireless Connectivity for IIoT

MIOTY™ is the first and only technology to comply with the just-released ETSI (European Telecommunication Standardization Institute) telegram splitting ultra-narrow band (TS-UNB) technical specification for low throughput networks (TS 103 357). This standard represents a breakthrough in the primary barrier to worldwide IIoT scalability.

The MIOTY™ Architecture

Purpose-built as an integrated offering, MIOTY™ includes a flexible interface with third-party cloud platform, architecting an ecosystem for end-to-end IoT solutions. 

The system architecture consist of at least one gateway which can aggregate massive numbers of messages from remote transmitters. One single MIOTY™ base station/gateway can handle more than 1.5 million messages/day using only 200 KHz bandwidth in the license free sub-GHz spectrum.

Base Station / Gateway: MIOTY™ supports industry standard IIoT gateways such as x86 and Intel, in combination with off-the-shelf Software Defined Radios (SDR).

Sensors / Nodes: MIOTY™ supports inexpensive off-the-shelf, sub-GHz transceiver chipsets from the world’s leading chipset manufacturers like Silicon Labs.

LPWAN solution for Industrial IoT

Winner of the 2018 IoT Evolution Product of the Year Award

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